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Allow the saving and catagorisation of multiple tracks, their pan/volume settings, inserts and their sends as presets.

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asked Jun 9, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by dannyburke2 (500 points)
The title says it all really. For example, you use Superior Drummer and you have your favourite kit and presets saved within Superior Drummer, you get all the mullti-outs set up in Studio One, you add some busses for reverb and saturation and you want to save all of the tracks, busses, FX tracks - whatever - as a single preset and have that preset include all inserts, send settings, volume and pan settings so you can recall it for any other project - thus, you get the ability to set up your favourite fully mixed drum kit in one click, saving you so much time.

You can of course apply this to anything.. guitars, bass, orchestra, keyboards/synths. This would really, really improve Studio One's already great workflow.

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