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Duplicate Zones in Sample One & Presence XT

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asked Jun 12, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by lesegondlovu (790 points)
I don't know why this hasn't been implemented already, but it is such a tedious process and really slows down the workflow trying to create and/or duplicate multiple zones for both Sample One XT and Presence XT. I've Googled and searched everywhere to find a solution for something that seems obvious and simple to do but there is nothing.

The reason one would want to do this is if you want to trigger multiple sections of one audio file only, the quickest way to do this currently is to "Create Slices", but now that leaves you with multiple unused zones if I'm just needing to move the start point each time to trigger 5-6 sections of an audio file for example.

I think for most at least, the very first thing someone would want to do if they're trying to trigger multiple start points on the same audio file is to just duplicate the previous zone to the next note so it has the exact same parameters and the user can just move the start point (as well as change any other parameters as well).

It's really easy to do this in the Logic Pro X 'Sampler' and I think most other samplers have this (what I think at least) basic feature. I hope this is implemented in the next edition, thank you

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