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Sample One sample naming improvements

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asked Aug 7, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by tomslowcat (3,610 points)

I'd like to raise a couple of issues regarding the auto-naming of samples when using Sample One's built-in recorder, and suggest some improvements.

First off, when using the gate recording. Let's say after entering the base name "Sample" and hitting gate record, I record 3 takes. The samples are then named "Sample", "Sample(2)", "Sample(3)". At this stage I realise I made a mistake and decide to restart the recording after deleting those first samples. When the gate recording starts, the samples are now named, in order of recording: "Sample(4)", "Sample", "Sample(2)", etc. This is quite annoying obviously, especially since there is no option to rename the samples within Sample One, and you can't rename the files from Windows Explorer either since you get the message "The files are currently being used by Studio One". 
So 2 things suggested here: force Sample One to restart the numbering after deletion and also allow the renaming of the samples directly inside Sample One. 

The second thing is about the naming convention itself. It needs to be changed and here's why: So let's say I now have recorded Sample, Sample(2), Sample(3), ... , Sample(10), Sample(11). 
I decide to move those samples to a custom folder (or send it to a friend, or whatever), then to re-import all those samples into a new instance of Sample One. If I do so, the latter automatically adds the samples in alphabetical order, which means the order is now Sample,Sample(10),Sample(11),Sample(2), etc. Since the order is often important as each sample might be tied to a note and pitch, this is quite an annoying issue. Could you change the naming and add a "0" for the 1st 9 samples (though it is very unlikely someone will have to record more than 100 samples at once you could also go with 3-figure numbering just in case) and also maybe add a "(1)" for the first sample as you can assume that someone using the gate record function will undoubtedly want to record more than one sample anyway. 
Hope everything is clear. Thanks for reading. 


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answered Feb 25, 2022 by anthonymilone (160 points)
Agree. Being able to rename the sample right there in Sample One would make things way more convenient than how it is now.