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Faderport v2 would follow tracks using mouse selection over more than 8 tracks

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asked Jun 22, 2021 in FaderPort 2018 by davidbursk (160 points)
I discussed this topic with Nick

setup : win10/Cubase 10.5/last driver and firmware

and he suggested me to create a Feature Request. Faderport with not following track mouse selection over 8th track (only way is to switch as a bank on Faderport) is useless since  I doesn't make sense if I have project with e.g. 50 tracks and faderport cannot follow jump from 3rd track to 46th track using mouse. The only way is to jump over 8bank steps...I'm sorry but it's very annoying and disturbing (very often I changed the volume on track I didn't choose and then didn't notice where I have faderport position)...

thank you to take as a good feature for the future

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answered Aug 4, 2021 by oscarpatxot (480 points)
edited Aug 4, 2021 by oscarpatxot
I dont know about cubase, but in Pro Tools, I've been able to overcome the lack of a fader bank button (moves in your session 8 channels at a time) by using a shortcut on protools called (scroll into view).

Basically if I click a track name while pression both Shift and Windows key the controller automatically banks and put that channel into view, saving me countless clicks and scrolls on the faderport. I could also right click the track name and then hit scroll into view but obviously the shortcut is faster. (Shift + rightclick also works on protools)

Try to search for something like that on cubase. Hopefully you find it.