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How do I connect my FaderPort (2018) Firmware v3.42 to Cubase 10?

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asked Oct 12, 2022 in FaderPort 2018 by alexlicano (120 points)

My FaderPort (2018) firmware version 3.43 was working perfectly well before the 3.43 update. Upon updating it I am seeing the FaderPort (2018) not being able to connect to Cubase 10 when I open Cubase. Because I previously had the Mackie Control as the setting for the faderport it stops when it goes through the process of recognizing this USB device. Are there any solutions to working beyond the firmware update version 3.43? When I turn on the faderport within an open version of Cubase 10, the “Pan” button is lit. What does this mean? I'm having a very frustrating time because up until today my FaderPort (2018) worked for the last three years with no issues and now it seems that it is completely bricked. I'm not operating Studio One, I'm operating in Cubase 10.

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