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Why is my audiobox 22VSL peak limited?

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asked Jun 26, 2021 in AudioBox VSL Series by jmurssml (160 points)
I have an audiobox 22VSL and I have recently noticed that I can't go above -6 db, no matter what the gain is set to. I have a cloud lifter and a DBX 286s to boost my Shure m57 mic but I have tried my audiobox with a different computer and without the DBX plugged in. Regardless, I can't go louder than -6 db, but the audio becomes extremely distorted. It's like there is a peak limiter but I can't find it in my universal control app.

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answered Jul 2, 2021 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
The issue you have is you are overloading your inputs.  The VSL22 only supports microphone inputs or instrument level.  Instrument level means you can plug an electric guitar like a PRS or Fender straight into the box.  If you are plugging a compressor - which outputs at line level - into an instrument level input you are liable to blow the input.  You are simply not gain staging correctly or connecting correctly.  Adding the cloud lifter, running thru the compressor into the instrument (6.3mm/1/4" jack) connection is adding too much gain (amplification) to the signal.  Peaking at -6dB is too hot for an SM57 track.  Plug the sm57 into the audio box vsl22, aim to PEAK at -15dB to -12dB.  This will allow headroom in the mix for compression and e.q. at the mixing stage.  Stop plugging that compressor into the VSL22 because you overloading the inputs when you do.  There are three levels to look at when recording.  Line level for external compressors, external e.q, synthesizers, drum machines or some Guitar FX .  Instrument level is for passive instruments like most electric guitars/passive electro guitars or basses directly connected to the box.  Then mic level for most microphones.  
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answered Jul 2, 2021 by jmurssml (160 points)
The issue exists whether the cloud lifter or DBX is connected or not. I just experimented going straight from the shure m57 to the VSL22 and it's still peak limiting at -6, no matter what the gain is set to.