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Digital PEAK value numbers on all channel strips

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asked Jun 30, 2021 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by lackimiliadis (580 points)
I have asked this request before but nothing happened and just noticed other people wanting this request regarding digital peak metering on the Studio One channel strips instead of analog metering that donĀ“t show digital numbers.

Logic Pro X has that exact metering i am talking about and gain staging and mixing in Logic Pro x is so much faster and more smooth.

When gain staging, it is sooo much easier to see digital numbers on the channel strip that have to have an external digital meter to show the peak meter.

PLEASE PLEASE Presonus make this happen, since right now it is very annoying to have to have an external digtal meter in the beginning of the channel strip chain and one meter in the end of the chain when mixing.

This is not a major thing for you to fix and would make gain staging and mixing so much faster and smoother and easier to do.

I am pasting below what another person with the same issue said.

What I really lack in Studio One is the peak value display on the separate channels. Coming from Cubase Pro and Logic X Pro, I have a constant habit looking at the separate channels for the actual peak value of the channel. In Studio One we have only the slider value and not the peak value. The peak value is only shown on the master channel which is not practical at all. I would like to see the peak value to each channel and being aware as to how much and whether the channel is peaking.

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answered Oct 16, 2023 by alanmiller1 (1,120 points)

I cannot believe all these years and all these requests have gone ignored. No; simply adding the basic level meter to the chain is not the "alternative". It does not capture the post-fader value when at the top and looks ridiculous floating around various positions across channels in a project. Presonus, let's get a proper peak meter added to the top of each channel level meter.