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Show filenames in mixdown folders

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asked Sep 20 in Studio One 5 by richardrupert (1,270 points)
edited Sep 20 by richardrupert
It would be very helpful to show all the files that are already in any chosen folder when doing a mixdown. The only option now is to navigate to a folder, and any previously existing files are not shown. It would be great it if functioned like Windows Explorer when saving a mixdown. If re-exporting a mixdown, for example, it's often desirable to overwrite a previous version rather than appending with a number. And there are times when the specific mixdown name is forgotten -- this functionality would allow recovering that within the Studio One mixdown window. I'd like to make this a feature request too, but am not sure how  to do that since I already posted this.  Sorry.

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answered Sep 20 by tothrec (21,660 points)
Totally agree.

Any chance you can add the "Feature Request" tag to your post?