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I would like to know if i need a computer to record directly into the SX32 with mics, or if a Mac or PC is needed.

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asked Oct 11 in Studio One 5 by arthelhowell1 (120 points)
Hello, I recently purchased a Studiolive 32SX desk for my home recording studo. I am relatively new to Presonus after using the Roland VS platform for many years. My question is, while potentionally not optimal or preferred, is it possible to record directly to the Studiolive 32SX console without using a computer? I realize that I will need a Mac or a PC in order to livestream and to otherwise take full advantage of the many features of the SX32; however, for starters, I would merely like to mic my studio drum set and a few instrument amps, in order to record directly into the SX32. Any guidance and/or technical assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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