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Is there, or could there be, a loop record mode that would allow S1 to function like the Boss RC-505 only better?

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asked Feb 26, 2019 in Recording by paulcutting1 (370 points)
I have recently acquired an Atom Pad controller. It's great. But I wonder if It would be possible to make it function with Studio One like a Boss rc-505 or similar looper. That is, could S1 be made to record on track 1, for instance, and when a pad is hit automatically loop and put subsequent overdubs onto separate layers under the same track. Then on track 2 another set of records could be done and so forth at a different length and automatically loop without being subject to the track 1 loop length.

I know that there is a pattern system that does something like this. But I would like to be able to be more spontaneous with it in a live situation.

Perhaps I am overlooking a feature that is already in S1 that can be set up to do just this sort of thing.

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