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The song takes an awful long time to load and save.

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asked Dec 25, 2021 in Studio One 5 by petrzikmund (1,380 points)
The songs complexity is about the same, it started, about a month ago, I bought a new PC, 11th Gen Intel (R) Core (TM) i9-11900KF @ 3.50GHz, 64GB RAM, Samsung EVO PRO SSD, New W10 and vS1 installation. Songs that used to take seconds to load and save now take minutes! Something is wrong, I have no idea what.

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answered May 2, 2022 by johnshepherd (870 points)
+1 exact same problem for a few months.
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answered May 18, 2022 by dayardjerome (380 points)
Starts happening to me last week. No one answers here. The song would load but it will take 5-10 minutes before I can work.The performance meter will go all the way to red automatically and everything is frozen for 5-10 minutes. Then everything works.

Just 1 vst instrument and absolutely no FX... nothing in the song.