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Ability to save and then recall a track or selection of tracks, it's sends and returns in any 'song'.

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asked Aug 18, 2021 in Recording by dannyburke2 (490 points)
Let's say you're recording a session, you manage to get a great signal chain for a synth including sends to a reverb FX track and a delay FX track; or maybe you have Superior Drummer set up with multi outs, every track has been EQ'd and compressed to perfection with buss sends and so on. Currently, the only way to recall this kind of thing (as far as I can see) would be to save the presets within the VSTi, then save each insert chain on each track individually and recall it all separately. That takes quite a bit of time, and you still then have to remember all the routing to and from each track.

I propose a way to save the state of a track, or any number of tracks (so you can save the synth and the busses, or each individual output from Superior Drummer and the busses) exactly as they are, with all routing.. and the ability to recall them in any song.

Yes, you can make templates and save the VSTis within the template, but sometimes starting with a completely blank slate allows for better creativity - you don't fall into the same process. It also doesn't just apply to VSTis.. you can currently save the FX chain of a track, but it doesn't save the routing.. and more importantly the buss or FX tracks that it's routed to. We all use busses, we all have certain things we know work well.. it's just a pain having to recall it every time you want to start a song from scratch.

This would be game changing feature for my workflow, and I would imagine for many other Studio One users.

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answered Aug 19, 2021 by colinotoole (16,360 points)
Would the 'import song data' feature cover this?
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answered Aug 19, 2021 by dannyburke2 (490 points)
You might be right! Thank you so much. I had no idea this existed.