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How to install audiobox usb driver?

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asked Apr 6, 2016 in Studio One 3 by chrisadams6 (150 points)
Just bought the presonus Audiobox 2x2. I have a dell inspirion 1545 with windows 7. Everything is up and running, but when i plug a mic or guitar into my Audiobox to record, nothing shows up. My pc says "the driver for AudioBox usb is not installed. Install the latest driver fir the device." when i click on "Apply fix" is wont fix. Says there is no driver.
I dont have internet connection, only spotty wi-fi. I had to go to coffee shop to dow
nload and install studio 1 artist. Do i have to have internet connect to get this fixed?

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answered Apr 6, 2016 by mattcaprio (147,840 points)
selected Jun 28, 2019 by butchrichard
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AudioBox driver downloads are available here:

If you have trouble installing it you need to:

1. Make sure your Windows 7 is fully updated -

2. Try following our uninstall/reinstall guide -