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how can i connect a cs 18ai and Rm16ai to studio one 5

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asked Dec 30, 2021 in Legacy Interfaces by flowurs (120 points)

i have tryed to connect my cs 18 with studio one 5 but nothing seems to work,

my setup is the following:

macbook pro M1, mojave 10.14.6

rm16ai, firmware sl 1.6.16489

cs18ai, cs 1.6.18046

netgear N750 wireless router/switch

all is connected thru cat5 cable to the netgear

i have tried everything but nothing seems to work

please help


1 Answer

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answered Jul 10, 2022 by teqnotic (650 points)
I'm having the same issue on my Mac Studio. The CS18 shows up in Universal Control and also in the MAC Audio/Midi setup, but when I open a project in Studio One, the CS18 does not detect Studio One. However, it all works fine on my PC. Is this a known problem? Or do I need to configure additional settings on the Mac?