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DeEsser plugin

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asked Jan 4, 2022 in Mixing by fouadal-basha (4,270 points)
Dear all brothers ;

De-essing is any technique intended to reduce or eliminate the excessive prominence of sibilant consonants, such as the sounds normally represented in English by "s", "z", "ch", "j" and "sh", in recordings of the human voice. Sibilance lies in frequencies anywhere between 2–10 kHz, depending on the individual voice.

Hope PreSonus Add De-esser Plugin this  to the Fx bundle to solve the following  :
* Classical hiss reduction in vocal traces
* Broadband or split compressor
* Special sidechain filters for effective processing
* Sidechain monitor

Best Regards

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answered Jan 11, 2022 by edwardmukiibi (350 points)
Yes Presonus, Please add this