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Presonus Trigger Plug-In (not Impact)

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asked Oct 15, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by jurajjarosciak (450 points)
Hello there beautiful people at Presonus, first of all thank you so very much for all the hard work your doing.

My issue is that there`s no real trigger plug-in in Studio One DAW, I`ve been using Impact or Gate plug-ins to triggger my drum samples when needed but still it needs a little workaround to get it work the way I need and it has become little annoing since I`ve seen other mixers using Slate Trigger or Addictive Trigger and how incredibly easy and acurate it is when you use it. I`m sure you know what I mean, just put it on the track, load the sample and boom there you go. No need for any additional routing, quantizing, printing tracks so you can edit it later and so on...

The thing is that you can save it to your template and everytime you`re mixing a new song, you load the template and it is there for you, set and ready where as Impact or Gate plug-ins are not exactly build for that. Hioe I`m making sense here.

What would be really great?


Thank you guys, I know this can be done as you are all amazing!!!

Best Regards


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answered Oct 19, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,440 points)
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