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Visual Metronome Display

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asked Jan 7, 2022 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by pauluvanzijl (310 points)
I am a classcial pianist and want to use Presonus Studio One for orchestral backtrack while playing the solo piano part. For practise the audio metronome track is fine, during solo sections, however for performance time with the backtrack in Presonus, a visual metronome would be helpful to keep track of tempo, as an audio click during performance is not desirable. This would function kind of like a conductor indicating tempo. Something simple like a popup screen displaying the beat, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1,2,3,4, in the current playing bar, and possible assignable background color in this popup screen per beat. At the very least, a display of the bar number, and the beat number can work, large enough to see from a distance. Of course this would make sense only during playback.

I looked at the Presonus API and cannot find any interfaces or events enabling this "hook" into the metronome to develop this myself. Is it possible to do this from the API, or if not, is it possible to add this as a feature into Studio One?

Any other suggestions to accomplish this is also welcome.

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answered Apr 1 by cjt1 (860 points)
Would be incredibly handy to have something like this as sort of a 'flashing tempo' indicator window. Could even integrate it with the chord display window.