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Replacing digi 192 with quantum 4848

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asked Jan 31, 2022 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by craigbartock (140 points)

I think it’s time to retire my old Digi 192. It looks like the quantum 4848 has the same DB–25 connectors. I have a new iMac and I would like to take advantage of core audio as well with ProTools. I’ve been doing a lot of zoom sessions lately and I can easily route the core audio with Logic to zoom but up until this point I have not with ProTools. I’m hoping the quantum 4848 will not only be a better interface but also allow me access to core audio.

Any thoughts on this?

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answered Feb 6, 2022 by karlkneeland (420 points)
Don't do it. Stay away from PreSonus. I have been trying to get mine to work for almost 3 months now. NOBODY on this website will help you.