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"this device has been deactivated because it produced invalid data"?

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asked Feb 13, 2022 in Studio One+ by mr16track (650 points)
For some reason, plugins keep turning off, mostly Pro EQ, and I get a red rectangle at the top with a frown face saying, "this device has been deactivated because it produced invalid data" when I mouse over the rectangle.

I'm running studio one 5.5 on an M1 Mac mini with 16 gig ram and a terabyte SSD.  Superior drummer 3 and 30 audio tracks...  Just a few stock plugins... Pro EQ on the limiter on the main reverb on a vocal buss and lead vocal, and a couple compressors; all stock presonus.

Anyone know what could cause this?   Thanks!

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answered Feb 14, 2022 by dominikdietrich1 (150 points)
I have the same issue but narrowed it down to Audio Damage Discord4. Plugins in the chain after it will also produce invalid data once this one has. Having it on an FX track will cause master bus FX to be deactivated with that error (in this case just the stock Limiter).
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answered Feb 15, 2022 by peterdolton (150 points)
I'm also seeing this, with Ozone 9 Advanced as an insert on the Main output.  It seems to be associated with one of the stereo channels intermittently dropping out on the Main bus.  Only started happening in the last few days.  Both Ozone 9 and Studio One 5.5 have had recent updates (9.11.1 and 5.5.085116 respectively).
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answered Feb 15, 2022 by reecedargie (280 points)
edited Feb 21, 2022 by reecedargie

I hear it's an update to how it handles bad plugin artefacts - it used to come up as "666" on the master fader. That said, I feel like it's happening more frequently since I updated to 5.5, specifically in the last few days for me.

I'm also on an M1 (Pro, running in rosetta) and I was just having this issue with SPL Attacker Plus. I had it on a couple of drum mics and they would unpredictably "produce invalid data" and turn off a few other inserts across my drum chain. I'd reset it by selecting the whole drum chain, disabling all inserts and hitting undo to reset it. Seemed to work, but eventually it'd happen again.

I have to comment that even if this is meant to be doing me a service, it's pretty annoying how it deactivates the plugin, and only putting a red line around the insert temporarily. Hard to keep track of what's deactivated on purpose or error. 

EDIT: I originally reinstalled the SPL plugin which briefly improved performance, but it turns out that it was only a coincidence. More plugins are deactivating indiscriminately, and more frequently too. I'm going to revert to 5.4.

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answered Feb 17, 2022 by fredrikskldmartini (140 points)
I have the same issue, mainly onthe Pro EQ, but also on various other plugins. Running Windows 10 on a Intel i7 with 32Gb ram, fairly equipped. Haven't had this issue before last update.
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answered Mar 2, 2022 by quentincooper2 (140 points)
Also happening to me frequently with Pro EQ, stock compressor, and stock room reverb as well as Izotope products. Sometimes reactivating them produces an eardrum smacking pop thats made me start muting the channel before turning them back on.
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answered Mar 6, 2022 by Verb1 (360 points)
I'm getting this error for Maschine 2. However, it's intermittent. Sometime it errors out, sometimes it works.

Also, S1 5.5.1 is crashing several times a day now. So far, 4 different plug-ins that are 100% legit (not cracked) from different, major manufacturers came up as culprits. None of this happened prior to the latest update. S1 feels like it's becoming less and less stable. May need to switch to Logic or another DAW soon.
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answered May 11, 2022 by thomaskurek (170 points)
Please fix this Presonus.  At least provide a guide as to what could trigger your deactivation algorithm.  In my case, this is happening with Izotope Neutron 3 Plus (latest M1 native build).  It only happens on a channel that is routed from Superior Drummer 3 Toms Output.  The same plugin operations on Kick, snare, hi hat, ride, overhead channels work flawlessly.  If I route all the drum mic channels to a single drums channel and try to use neutron on that, it will also produce the error.  Please advise.
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answered Jul 6, 2022 by danielbaught (140 points)
I went into the VST options in Studio One first and reset the Blocklist. Then I selected new song , then I opened View and selected ✓Browser and ✓Show Instruments, opened the Instruments tab and drug Arp Odyssey into the track column on the left and hovered in the control tab above the track column and unchecked mouse over and then selected record instead.
Also I first had open the standalone version and select the right MIDI controller option in order to get the beast to play audio. I hope this may help
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answered Aug 18, 2022 by justinrodgers2 (140 points)
Happenin to me in Antares. Suprisingly difficult plugin to use anyway and now this smh
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answered Jan 22 by rickysouder (180 points)
I just had this happen to me using Studio one 6. Ampire deactivated. I just went to studio one> studio one activation>activate. It is already activated but I did it anyway, it restarted program, then I just enabled ampire and it all worked again. That the first time this has ever happened to me.