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Thematic Music

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asked Mar 4, 2022 in Studio One+ by jonrskelton (140 points)
Hello. I am moving from traditional orchestral music to more of thematic compositions merging traditional orchestral and electronica like: Bear McCreary, Lorne Balfe, Michael Giacchino and Hans Zimmer. I am focused on the final production.

Do you offer any advice or tutorials using your own Presonus libraries and other sound libraires; especially, when it comes to the obscure sounds and blending these two sound palettes?

BTW, I love the way Presonus allows so much freedom to use digital and analog on the S1 side; and that I can use Notion to publish the written music!!

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answered Mar 4, 2023 by richcresswell1 (3,210 points)
U-he Zebra is a great synth option
'Performance samples' offer a competitive orchestral library that can do both 'traditional' and more contemporary pieces.
Spitfire audio has a huge array of libraries and sounds, as does Orchestral Tools, both offer smaller libraries that are more focused.