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Project support for song-versions or backup

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asked Mar 21, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by andreashernitscheck (900 points)
Project page and song version do not realy work together. If new version is used, project points to a non-existing file, as those are moved to history folder. Means, you can not use versions and project page together.

The real issue I have is to keep old versions as backups. But using latest version in project. But as soon I use "save new version",  project is broken.

If I use the manual way to save a song-file by counting e.g. test01, test02 and so on, I can also not update the project master file with latest version.

However, using project and versions does not work at the moment and to easy update the mastering file seems not to be possible.

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answered Aug 5, 2022 by randyhayes3 (500 points)
I have the same issue and the process to correct it is very tedious and imperfect.  There should be a right-click option for "replace" where you could choose a different .song file.
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answered Aug 11, 2022 by angelangeles (1,670 points)
I need this feature as well!
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answered Nov 20 by krsgzwwk (650 points)
I came up with the same issue, posted another feature request:

My workaround meanwhile is to export a mixdown, import the wav and replace it when I made changes.
This way you keep every edit and fades on the project.