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Single or bulk backup of songs and projects.

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asked Aug 17, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by GLJones (1,020 points)
I would like to see an option where you can backup a song or project easily.  Currently, you have to do a Save As from each song and then collect all the files. It also leaves in the home-page list the back-up location link forcing you to remove it if you don't want to accidentally edit the backup.

I propose a new menu item under FILE that is Backup Song or Backup Project.  This would let you choose a location and the entire song, including all files, would be copied to the new location and pointers to the assets would be updated so the backup can be opened and it knows where the sound files are in the backup.   

Perhaps a function on the home page that lets you select multiple songs and projects and back them up quickly.

Currently, it takes a long time to backup a song or project using the save-as, then copying the assets as well.  One option could be to only copy files used in the song, eliminating any unused files in the song folder.

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answered Aug 18, 2016 by butchrichard (131,070 points)
selected Oct 12, 2016 by AlexTinsley
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"Save to New Folder" sounds like what you need.

This is an older video but worth the watch.  Illustrates all there is to know about the various Save Functions in Studio One.