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Studio One PITCH BENDING request

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asked Apr 15, 2022 in Editing by davidrandolph3 (390 points)
Could we please get a new feature that allows pitch bend automation at the track level like Ableton Live has? We would love to be able to automate volume by drawing envelopes on the track and on the waveform.

It's very cumbersome to have to push track audio into Sample One. It's a clunky, time-consuming workround.

In other words, it would be great to be able to draw pitch bending automation the same way we can draw volume automation on audio tracks in our projects.


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answered Apr 15, 2022 by davidrandolph3 (390 points)
Oops, typo and my OP is not editable. Drawing PITCH envelopes on audio tracks, using a similar workflow to drawing VOLUME envelopes.

Useful for pitch bending risers, downlifters, high hat or snare rolls, etc.

This is a critical feature of Ableton and is a staple feature that EDM and hip hop producers love.

Thank you!