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Can you connect an external mic preamp to a quantum 2626 and if so does it bypass the Xmax preamps on the interface?

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asked Apr 20, 2022 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by georgetsurkan (270 points)
Trying to find out out if I connect an external mic preamp to the quantum 2626 preamp out and then back in to the return, will it bypass the X-max preamps on the interface? Thanks

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answered May 26, 2022 by reginaldwilkins (150 points)
yes I have the same question. Considering buying a mic preamp but not sure if it will work properly with the 2626 built in preamps
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answered Aug 25, 2022 by mtaylor4 (140 points)
Help I have the same question and I just asked it in Sphere support