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Bypass Quantum Preamps/Instrument Preamplifier Stage?

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asked Jun 24, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by williammontgomery6 (140 points)

When looking at the user manuals for the Quantum versus the new Quantum 2626, I'm seeing a different explanation of what the TRS line connections do. The quantum says this:

"When a TRS is connected, the preamp is bypassed and the input signal is sent directly to the ADC"

The 2626 says:

"When a device is plugged into the Line input, the mic preamp is bypassed, and the signal is routed to the instrument preamplifier stage."

Which is the same thing it says about the Mic/Insturment inputs 1 and 2? Is this is a typo? I assumed those line inputs would just go straight to the ADC as well? I was hoping to use the 2626 with some outboard pres and totally bypass its preamps, which it doesn't sound like it's doing if the manual is correct? Any clarification? Thanks. 

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