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Can we have AVB cross-compatibility between manufacturers? ++petition

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asked May 27, 2022 in AVB-D16 by alexanderlaing1 (120 points)

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I've read so many times individuals considering a purchase but needing AVB cross-compatibility between manufacturers, being told that manufacturers don't have enough requests to work on it.   

So let's see how many people would value this! I think it would genuinely transform the audiovisual playing field for just a few lines of code. No single company can cover all the bases, but if our much beloved equipment was able to work with other manufacturer's equipment, as the standard was originally designed for, this would dramatically expand our systems' capabilities. 

Please, pass the petition on and feel free to share this post anywhere that comes to mind.

Current AVB manufacturers include: PreSonus, MOTU, Crown, RME, Biamp, Pivitec, Waves, Apple, and Harman. The Milan alliance was also formulated with this in mind:

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