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Mix engine fX SHOULD BE Compatible with presonus hub & Other DAWs

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asked Jun 6, 2022 in PreSonus Hub / Plugins by sneakiefresh1 (120 points)

I am not a S1user nor am I sold on making the switch but I have been watching PortaCassette tutorials & feature/preset walkthrough videos for over a year now. To my ears it is by far the closest true emulation of how a recording to cassette tape actually sounded. Not long thereafter I read about presonus hub. "Perfect!" I thought. Joined sphere three days ago; activated a S1 license & the rest was smooth sailing. WRONG. Spent a large portion of my weekend pulling my hair out & troubleshooting. Apparently mix fx plugins cannot be used in other DAWs. Why not? Tech support states: 

"Mix Engine FX are "special plugins" for Studio One. No other audio workstation even supports that format."  

I call b.s.

I literally only joined sphere to use ONE PLUGIN via the hub

somebody at Presonus rectify this

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