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"Inserting" Mix FX process feature?

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asked Jun 25, 2022 in Mixing by danielwilcox4 (150 points)
Being able to pick where the MIX FX "plugin" start effect the channel would be a useful feature,
The way it's implemented now anything on the channel is post MIX FX
But say you record a DI for a Guitar and use Amp Sims, you don't want the "Console" sound or cross talk to influence the DI track while its going into the Amp Sim.
you can get around it by recording the processed sound through the Amp sims and then keeping that track for Mix FX but then you are stuck with that sound of the Amp Sim,
If you could add an Insert like thing on the channel that keeps everything before it isolated from MIX FX that would solve the problem, and or have multiple layers of Mix FX in the Channel,  for example a Console Emulation and Tape and Effect in between.
So basically:
Guitar DI > Amp Sim > Potential "pre Console processing" > Mix FX (on to console) > Other inserts (EQ/Comp/etc) > Mix FX (into tape machine,
This would allow realistic analog signal flow within S1 with Mix FX carrying the monotonous work load of being the Console and Tape Machine, without multiple instances of the same 2 plugins just to get the in between elements where they would be in an Analog domain.

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answered Oct 16, 2022 by hallongview (330 points)
Or you could select the Render Audio Track option (which is easily reversible) and have it printed down to where you want the Mix FX to start at the signal chain. Hope this helps.