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iPad pro version of Studio one or more advanced remote version

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asked Jun 7, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by hagenschomborg (320 points)
Since Apples iPad Pro and all new Macs share the same cpu architecture and since its theoretically possible to use ipad apps on a mac it would be really cool to have an ipad (pro) version of it to make music production more intuitive with its mobility and touch screen. On the other hand, the apple pencil would be a great tool to make music with.

Also using studio one on ipad and mac at the same time could bring the user a great workflow.

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answered May 10 by Wazatron (1,650 points)
Came here to see if there was any real chatter on an iPad version on the heels of Apple's Logic release. I can't say I'd be excited for it, but I would use it. I'd love to work on projects "on the go" while traveling and have MIDI work or project setup work sync with desktop.

BUT... and here's why I'm adding my comment here, hoping PreSonus is listening... if it goes Subscription or is Sphere only.... well, I'm not going to sit here and go super-angry-troll and say I'm moving to Reaper lol But honestly I would seriously consider moving to reaper. lol

Value has nothing to do with subscription models. I'm sure Sphere is a great value. But it's a business practice I personally despise and won't support. I have enough subscriptions without every frickin' business I interact with trying to put their hand in my wallet every month.

Anyhow... If PreSonus were to release some kind of iPad native version of StudioOne and it NOT be a subscription offering, boy they could bring over a TON of ****** off Logic users! :D Seems like a better business idea to me.