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Send tracks from one .song to another when they're both opened.

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asked Sep 20, 2022 in Editing by aifuding (1,980 points)

I know that S1 can import the information of a .song file into another song. This is a great feature. But this is only available after the song to be imported has been saved.

I hope this feature can be implemented in S1:

Imagine you are editing two songs. One is for song arrangement and the other is for sound editing and recording. (It's not uncommon. For example, I finish arranging a song in my studio and then take the accompaniment to another studio for recording, since not all studios have the same virtual instrument plug-ins.) Now it is hoped that when opening the .song file with recordings, the audio tracks will be transferred to the arrangement project that is also opened.

In my imagination, I hope it can be achieved in this way: select several tracks, right-click, there is an option called "send tracks to...", and then in the submenu, you can select any song file currently open (similar to transfering midi data between instruments in the edit window).
After selecting the corresponding song file, a new window will pop up, just like "import song data", you can decide whether to transfer events, inserts, layers, sends, etc.

I really have the utmost respect for PreSonus if this feature can be implemented.

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