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Linear Retrospective recording recall also in cycle mode

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asked Oct 14, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by tommyscarabino (310 points)

I want jus request to add a linear retrospective recording recall also if in cycle mode.

I explain better: often it happens that I play a solo or piano idea for several times on a cycled parts of few measure and sometimes I want to be able to recall all my performance in linear mode without separate takes or layers. I admit that I find this great feature in Cubase that allows to recall 1) a cycle retrospective recording (with separate lines of layers as in SO) or a linear performance that allows me, then, to repeat all the background parts that was played in cycle during my improvisation.

Today I use a workaround by repeating the several times the cycled range and selecting an incremental take/layer for every repeated range, but this is very cumbersome and less practical.

If there is today a way to achieve this today, please, let me know :)

I hope have explained good my request and hope in your consideration. ;)

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