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Graphic format in SL remote app running iPas OS 16.1.1

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asked Nov 23, 2022 in Ai Mixers by jeffwolfe (120 points)

Once I updated to iPad OS 16.1.1, the orientation of the board in SL Remote is always displayed VERTICALLY, regardless of the orientation of the iPad. I need to scroll up and down to run across the channels (and generally cannot scroll far enough to access all 24 channels on the 24.4.2IA board). See screenshot. Does the same with the “simulator” when not connected to the board.

Is there a solution?

Also, is it normal while running SL Remote for the app to disconnect from the board anytime you switch to a different APP? EX If I have SL remote open and then switch to OnSong to play a song, then back to SL remote I have to reconnect to the board.


Thanks, Jeff

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