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presonus studiolive 16.0.2 will not connect to using the VSL and SL remote app

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asked Aug 17, 2017 in Classic Mixers by jerrypro (150 points)
I have the studiolive 16.0.2 mixer connected to my mac. mountain lion. I have an ipad 2 and everything is connected to my router. I have been able to use the sl remote for some time now without any problem for years now. Last week for some reason on my ipad when I click on sl remote and selected my mixer everything was grayed out. When I turned the ipad in landscape mode It said I do not have permissions to control the mixer. So I when to the mac vsl software and click on settings and I did not see the mixer at all. Not sure way. I had backup ipad which is the newest ipad out and I connected it and it worked without any problems. The next week came and I connected to vsl software using the new mac and for some reason it started doing the same as the other ipad. Now neither ipad will work. They will show the mixer in the app and let you connect but say you do not have permission to control the mixer and the vsl software will not show the ipads in the setup tab.

I uninstalled the vsl software and reinstalled same problem. I connect my iPhone and it work but after disconnecting it will not connect back to the software. I have also changed out the router with 4 different router but nothing works

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answered Oct 6, 2017 by jonnydoyle (403,150 points)
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QMix and SL Remote for Classic StudioLive 16.4.2, StudioLive 24.4.2 and StudioLive 16.0.2 have been updated to 64-Bit for support of iOS 11. Be aware that once Qmix and SL Remote have been updated, they can not be reverted to previous versions. The older 32-bit applications are also no longer available, since as of iOS 11 Apple has removed support for 32-bit applications from their webstore.

The changes to QMix and SL Remote to support iOS 11 also require an update to Universal Control on Mac and PC in order to work correctly.

Universal Control on Mac


Universal Control on PC


Please refer to this Knowledge Base article which explains your options in more detail: