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S1 Feat.Req. - Lyrics for Video Track and importing subtitle (SRT) files into lyrics track

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asked Nov 25, 2022 in Video by princeagrawal (13,530 points)
edited Nov 25, 2022 by princeagrawal

Both Video Track and Lyrics Track are fantastic additions to Studio One v6. And now since they both exist in S1, here are some ideas/suggestions/feature requests to integrate the two really well together :

Lyrics Support for Video Track :  Currently lyrics tracks can be global i.e. for the entire song and assigned to individual instrument tracks on a per note basis, but not to video track. Please allow Lyrics support for video track such that :

 (A) Lyrics can be written for video track in S1 and exported in SRT subtitle format - this could be useful for (i) writing lyrics/subtitles to music videos and films; (ii) navigating the music video/films based on lyrics and dialogue and (iii) syncing those lyrics/subtitles with the music video/film and exporting in SRT subtitle format to be later played along with the video/film in a video player like VLC media player etc. 

A bonus benefit of this feature would be that, it will also allow the video lyrics track to be used as a video marker track especially when combined with commands as requested here :

(B) SRT subtitle files can be imported on the lyrics track and the text contained in the SRT file automatically gets displayed on the  video lyrics track at the correct timecode position. Also, it would be useful, if upon importing the SRT file, it automatically gets imported to the above mentioned video lyrics track and its timebase gets automatically set to seconds. 

(C) In video export dialog box, there could be a checkbox "Burn in lyrics/subtitles to video" which when checked should burn in the lyrics/subtitle onto the video file and be displayed when playing the video in a video player. And off course you can keep it unchecked and export the lyrics separately as a SRT file as mentioned in (B).

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