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Allow Lyrics track to Expand/Collapse in arrangement view.

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asked Nov 14, 2022 in Look and Feel by princeagrawal (13,730 points)
retagged Nov 14, 2022 by princeagrawal

First of all, I cannot stress enough how much of an incredible feature the new lyrics track in S1 v6 is. I had wished something like this for quite a while in a DAW. More amazing is the fact that Lyrics can be "global" for the entire song as well as for each individual instrument part, and are event attributes...not timeline attributes, means if you move an event, its lyrics move with it. Such a fantastic behavior. 

Currently in arrangement lyrics track, you can either show the global lyrics of the entire song or lyrics for specific instrument tracks, but can only show either one of those at a time. An expandable/collapsible lyrics track in the arrangement window would allow :

  • In Collapsed View  - To view lyrics of only the entire song (global) or any one of the instrument tracks (which is the current lyrics track view/behavior)
  • In Expanded View - To view all the lyrics associated with each instrument track + global song lyrics in its own expanded lane view, where the top lane is always global song lyrics lane and all the lanes below it will have lyrics corresponding to each instrument track with one lyrics lane per track behavior. This would allow an easy at a glance view of all the lyrics in the entire song and of each instrument part in relation to each other.   

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