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Why is the license activation of my Studio One 2 Professional lost every time I reboot my PC?

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asked Dec 15, 2022 in Studio One 6 by pedter (140 points)

Hey everybody!

I'd opened a ticket with support, but they ultimately directed me here, since Studio One 2 isn't actively supported anymore. Here's my problem:

I've changed my hardware a week ago, so now I needed to reactivate Studio One. The offline activation works fine, but every time I reboot my PC, I receive the "this PC isn't licensed..." prompt again and have to go through the activation process once more. Somehow the activation doesn't take. Studio One seems to think it's a different PC every time I restart it.

I tried a full uninstall including registry entries (using the Revo Uninstaller), I tried activating again within the software, and I've tried everything suggested here (use a user profile that isn't tied to my Microsoft account, uninstall VPN, check for rogue network adapters...), but without success.

Does anybody here have a solution to the problem, or maybe just an idea how Studio One goes about identifying the computer?

Thanks all!

2 Answers

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answered Oct 12, 2023 by kingdingbat (180 points)
I'm having this same problem. :(
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answered Oct 24, 2023 by marktaormina (140 points)
I've been having the exact same problem. Tonight I tried launching Studio One as admin (right click and select "Run as Administrator" in the hopes that this activation sticks. I will know next time I reboot I guess.