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Channel Strip Collection / VT1 Tube Modeling Channel Strip - Significant Volume loss

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asked Jan 18, 2023 in PreSonus Hub / Plugins by PDice (350 points)
In Studio One 6 Studio One macOS ARM64 (Built on Dec  9 2022) I created a new preset in VT1 Tube Modeling Channel Strip and activated it on my Main, it sounds terrific, too .

I then save and close the song.

Later when I open the same song the volume has dropped @ 15-20db.  If I inactivate the preset I created my volume is bock  (minus of course any that was added in the plug-in I created).

This occurs with all presets that I have tried to create in VT1 Tube Modeling Channel Strip. I like this plugin.....

macOS Monterey 12.6.2

Mac Studio (2022) M1 Max

1 Answer

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answered Jan 31, 2023 by PDice (350 points)
I pursued this as a problem with support and someone was able t re-create it.

Waiting for an update to Channel Strip Collection.