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A feature or Gate plug-in to protect our ears from hearing loss caused by volume explosion.

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Every time we accidentally leave a fader turned up or play back unregulated synthesizer presets or sample material, we reduce the amount of time we have left in our ears. We can make these mistakes. When the volume explodes, we can't do any more time that day......

Cut all volume when it exceeds 0 dB. The time to cut the volume is not Attack 0ms Release 0msd at least, maybe Attack 0ms (Optional?: Lookahead) Release 1s or something like that

While it is silent, do you keep turning up the volume knob, thinking that the volume you set is too low? To prevent this, make a warning sound like a beep sound.

A Beep sound warning is not enough to tell what happened. Is that the sound of such an instrument? Make the clipping red light bigger when the Beep sound is playing, or the whole panel of the transport turns into a red light, or use text to tell that the volume has been exceeded. (The dialog box, however, interferes with the process of manipulating the volume. That's not nice)

Not sure how that would work, but it would surely protect us from hearing loss!

Now I use Limiter for this application, but with Limiter I can't notice if the sound changes with Limiter. He works too quietly.

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