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Why is my RTA feature not working on my 64S?

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asked Jan 22, 2023 in StudioLive Series III by firstbaptistchurchfbcfirstbaptistchurchfbc (150 points)
We just upgraded our system to the Series III 64S. Everything was working fine at first but after a few weeks, the RTA feature stopped working. I can’t see the frequencies on the GEQ’s. While I’m pretty familiar with presonus mixing systems, I realize that I may be missing something. Is there a setting that I maybe have turned off or disabled unaware?

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answered Jan 23, 2023 by Dorday (4,680 points)
selected Jan 26, 2023 by mackjohnson1
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While the EQ screen is displayed, Is RTA mode engaged? Please see #17 in the image.  It should be highlighted blue.