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how do I listen to what I recorded in studio 1 artist

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asked Apr 27, 2016 in Studio One 1 by ronbrown5 (160 points)
Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.4  The manual is of no help and being unable to talk to someone is frustrating.  I think I just spent my hard earned money for nothing.  Is their an outside source where you can talk to someone.



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answered Apr 27, 2016 by PreSonuSales2 (68,110 points)
selected May 5, 2016 by PreSonuSales2
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Hi Ron,

Our friends over at Obedia offer one on one training for Studio One 3. You can find more information here:

If you'd like to chat with someone in Tech Support about your issue, you can create a support ticket online by navigating to the "Support" section of your account at