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Dobly ATMOS mixing!!! Do or Die situation

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asked Mar 21 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by manaskunder (250 points)
Apple music just made it compulsory to have atmos mixes submitted to be able to get featured on its curated playlists. Logic has its Cubase has it, protools has it. WE NEED THIS DEVGODS! it's extremely important for us independent audio engineers because clients have started demanding atmos mixes already. thank you so much and I hope we see this is Studio one soon

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answered Jul 26 by (2,790 points)
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This one gets my vote! There is something else a lot of other DAWs have that Studio One doesn't yet - the ability to automate the mute button on MIDI/VST Instrument tracks! (*See pic:

Having this option would allow us to arrange music in real-time on the fly and is way faster than splitting and muting MIDI events, but we can't do it yet.

See what I mean in action and add your vote for this feature to be implemented (*note: please be sure to click the "Watch On YouTube" icon at the bottom left to see the chapter markers - they explain what you're seeing and hearing):