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asked Jul 24, 2021 in Mixing by emanfu (480 points)

I'm requesting Presonus Software Development team to add Post Production features to future Studio One Pro updates for audio / visual as well as native Immersive Audio mixing support such as Dobly Atmos. Given that Dolby Atmos is gaining strong attraction through out both the music and post production industry, could potentially soon replace Stereo mixing. So having native support for surround sound and immersive mixing will be essential for next generation mixing. So far Protools Ultimate and Steinberg Nuendo are the only two DAWs on the market that natively supports Dolby Atmos to work with Dolby Atmos Home Theater Rendering and Mastering Unit (RMU). Logic Pro and Abelon Live has been reported to work with (RMU) but aren't natively supported yet. 

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answered Sep 13, 2021 by bryanwilson5 (2,670 points)
YES! This please!
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answered Sep 18, 2021 by andythornton1 (240 points)
It's very clear where this is heading.  Atmos support will be considered essential within a year or 2 for DAWs.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.  I am researching where to go now I have had enough of Avid and their woeful attitude.  Hope Studio One would be an option but without even a peep about Atmos support, it's really not.  It can be an add-on/paid-for plugin or extension of some sort.  No need to up the price of the core version for those who aren't interested in Atmos.  But someone from Presonus needs to say something, surely?
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answered Nov 29, 2021 by AdvancedSound (240 points)
DJs have been mixing immersive audio for over a decade.  PreSonus has totally targeted the electronic production market.  Now, with SO adding performance-based functionality, it seems like a natural progression to incorporate it.  For the studio guys, Logic Pro X appears to be the only option with complete integration.  It would make sense for PreSonus to release a high-value monitor controller as well.