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Custom / User Track Icons

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asked Apr 4, 2023 in Look and Feel by Wazatron (1,790 points)
The addition of track icons has been fantastic, but it really opens the door to this feature request: User Uploaded / Custom Track Icons.

The current set, while great, is insufficient. I already see other requests for adding to the icon set but no one set will satisfy everyone's needs or wants. We can already upload custom Template icons, custom Artist images, custom Song images and now define custom Color Pallets (amazing - yes!! thank you!!). Uploading custom track icons is the only logical thing to do here.

I was hoping and half expecting this in a 6.1 release once the basic feature was rolled out but it wasn't there in the end. I'm really hoping this can be part of the next dot release, whatever it might be.

Sorry if there is already another ticket for this. I did look and couldn't find any, though as mentioned there are slightly similar ones with a different focus on the request.

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answered Apr 23, 2023 by wehismanibarra (370 points)
It would be great to have this track and channel icon customization feature.
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answered May 25, 2023 by philipjohnston3 (330 points)
edited Aug 6, 2023 by philipjohnston3
+1 for this. Users need to be able to create or import their own icons for this feature to be truly useful.
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answered Oct 1, 2023 by mxnace254 (270 points)
this what ave been saying for a long time...if you guys have managed to  add atmos in version 6.5...i know you can add coloured icons to match track colour and even custom icons.that you can do with your eyes am wondering why am not seeing it..
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answered Oct 8, 2023 by jameslawrence (2,510 points)
+1, this would be excellent. It's frustrating when you have an instrument that is missing from the stock icons
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answered Jan 21 by keithmountifield (160 points)
+1 fopr more track icons, +5 for the ability to import my own!
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answered Feb 16 by jakobstratmann (330 points)
It would also be cool if I could just input some Text. Like the FX Icon but customizable.2 Letters would be enough to organize my mixing view better