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Playback Engines - Integrate Noteperformer 4.x

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asked May 2 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by samirelborno (8,390 points)

Finally it is here and you could innovate on the DAW market to be the first one (think ARA) integrating Noteperformer 4 outside the "pure" Scoring Application approach.

I would love to scrap all my VEP and template building approaches if the solution would be loading note performer playback engine "xyz" and concentrate on composition and refine my orchestrations anytime by loading additional instruments articulations the usual way (via an instance of kontakt/sine etc).

I believe the next innovation regarding composition is that I don't have to deal with stitching samples together any longer = piece of mind.

Note Performer Playback engines benefits:

- NotePerformer's Playback Engines replaces the hosting of VST libraries directly in your notation program.
- You no longer need targeted Sound Sets, Expression Maps, or Human Playback Rules.
- NotePerformer serves as an intermediate between your notation program and your high-end library.
- Samples are separated from the notation program. You don't reload samples between projects. Your documents stay lean without heavy VST settings. VST crashes don't risk the integrity of your documents. Samples are closed, opened, and reloaded independently from your notation program and the projects you open or close.
- As far as possible, our engines have unified dynamics and articulation. We select and combine library patches intelligently to fit the musical context, and strive for NotePerformer-compliancy.
- Sample libraries are supplemented with extension NotePerformer-technologies such as microtuning and brass mutes.

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