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EZDrummer 3 pitch list for Studio One

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asked May 11 in Studio One 6 by jocktmp+qddqm (130 points)

In case if anyone is searching for this, I've converted the EZDrummer 3 MIDI map into a Studio One pitch list, so now you can have your EZDrummer drum names in the editor window. Tested on Studio One 6.

Just save the text below as "EZDrummer 3.pitchlist" in your "Pitch Names" folder ("USERNAME\Documents\Studio One\Presets\User Presets\Pitch Names\" by default on Windows).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Music.PitchNameList title="EZDrummer 3">

<Music.PitchName pitch="127" name="Snare Sidestick" scorePitch="127"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="126" name="Snare Rimshot" scorePitch="126"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="125" name="Snare Center" scorePitch="125"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="124" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 5" scorePitch="124"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="123" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 2" scorePitch="123"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="122" name="Hi-Hat Closed Edge" scorePitch="122"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="121" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 4" scorePitch="121"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="120" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 0" scorePitch="120"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="119" name="Hi-Hat Closed Tip" scorePitch="119"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="118" name="Ride Muted Hit" scorePitch="118"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="117" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="117"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="116" name="Ride Bow Tip" scorePitch="116"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="115" name="Ride Edge" scorePitch="115"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="114" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="114"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="113" name="Ride Bow Tip" scorePitch="113"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="112" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="112"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="111" name="Ride Bow Tip" scorePitch="111"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="110" name="Ride Edge" scorePitch="110"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="109" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="109"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="108" name="Ride Bow Tip" scorePitch="108"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="107" name="Crash 3 Muted Hit" scorePitch="107"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="106" name="Crash 3 Muted Hit" scorePitch="106"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="105" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="105"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="104" name="Ride Bell Bow Tip" scorePitch="104"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="103" name="Crash 3 Crash" scorePitch="103"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="102" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="102"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="101" name="Crash 3 Bow Tip" scorePitch="101"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="100" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="100"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="99" name="Crash 4 Muted Hit" scorePitch="99"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="98" name="Crash 4 Crash" scorePitch="98"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="97" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="97"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="96" name="Crash 4 Bow Tip" scorePitch="96"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="95" name="Crash 4 Muted Hit" scorePitch="95"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="94" name="Crash 2 Muted Hit" scorePitch="94"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="93" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="93"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="92" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="92"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="91" name="Crash 2 Crash" scorePitch="91"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="90" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="90"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="89" name="Crash 2 Bow Tip" scorePitch="89"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="88" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="88"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="87" name="Crash 1 Bow Tip" scorePitch="87"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="86" name="Crash 1 Crash" scorePitch="86"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="85" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="85"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="84" name="Crash 1 Bow Tip" scorePitch="84"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="83" name="Crash 1 Muted Hit" scorePitch="83"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="82" name="Racktom 1 Rimshot" scorePitch="82"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="81" name="Racktom 1 Rim Only" scorePitch="81"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="80" name="Racktom 2 Rimshot" scorePitch="80"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="79" name="Racktom 2 Rim Only" scorePitch="79"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="78" name="Racktom 3 Rimshot" scorePitch="78"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="77" name="Racktom 3 Rim Only" scorePitch="77"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="76" name="Snare Rim Only" scorePitch="76"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="75" name="Floortom 1 Rimshot" scorePitch="75"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="74" name="Floortom 1 Rim Only" scorePitch="74"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="73" name="Floortom 2 Rimshot" scorePitch="73"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="72" name="Floortom 2 Rim Only" scorePitch="72"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="71" name="Snare Rim Only" scorePitch="71"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="70" name="Snare Center" scorePitch="70"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="69" name="Snare Center" scorePitch="69"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="68" name="Snare Center" scorePitch="68"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="67" name="Snare Sidestick" scorePitch="67"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="66" name="Snare Center" scorePitch="66"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="65" name="Hi-Hat Closed Edge" scorePitch="65"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="64" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 0" scorePitch="64"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="63" name="Hi-Hat Tight Tip" scorePitch="63"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="62" name="Hi-Hat Tight Edge" scorePitch="62"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="61" name="Hi-Hat Closed Tip" scorePitch="61"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="60" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 4" scorePitch="60"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="59" name="Ride Edge" scorePitch="59"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="58" name="Crash 3 Muted Hit" scorePitch="58"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="57" name="Crash 3 Crash" scorePitch="57"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="56" name="Crash 1 Muted Hit" scorePitch="56"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="55" name="Crash 1 Crash" scorePitch="55"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="54" name="Ride Muted Hit" scorePitch="54"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="53" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="53"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="52" name="Ride Edge" scorePitch="52"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="51" name="Ride Bow Tip" scorePitch="51"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="50" name="Crash 2 Muted Hit" scorePitch="50"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="49" name="Crash 2 Crash" scorePitch="49"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="48" name="Racktom 1 Center" scorePitch="48"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="47" name="Racktom 2 Center" scorePitch="47"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="46" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 2" scorePitch="46"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="45" name="Racktom 3 Center" scorePitch="45"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="44" name="Hi-Hat Pedal Closed" scorePitch="44"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="43" name="Floortom 1 Center" scorePitch="43"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="42" name="Hi-Hat Closed Tip" scorePitch="42"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="41" name="Floortom 2 Center" scorePitch="41"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="40" name="Snare Rimshot" scorePitch="40"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="39" name="Snare Center" scorePitch="39"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="38" name="Snare Center" scorePitch="38"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="37" name="Snare Sidestick" scorePitch="37"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="36" name="Kick Hit" scorePitch="36"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="35" name="Kick Hit" scorePitch="35"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="34" name="Kick Hit" scorePitch="34"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="33" name="Snare Edge" scorePitch="33"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="32" name="Crash 3 Crash" scorePitch="32"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="31" name="Crash 3 Bow Tip" scorePitch="31"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="30" name="Ride Bell" scorePitch="30"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="29" name="Ride Bow Tip" scorePitch="29"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="28" name="Crash 2 Crash" scorePitch="28"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="27" name="Crash 2 Bow Tip" scorePitch="27"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="26" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 3" scorePitch="26"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="25" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 2" scorePitch="25"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="24" name="Hi-Hat Open Edge 1" scorePitch="24"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="23" name="Hi-Hat Pedal Open" scorePitch="23"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="22" name="Hi-Hat Closed Edge" scorePitch="22"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="21" name="Hi-Hat Pedal Closed" scorePitch="21"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="20" name="Hi-Hat Edge Trigger" scorePitch="20"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="19" name="Hi-Hat Tip Trigger" scorePitch="19"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="18" name="Hi-Hat Edge Trigger" scorePitch="18"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="17" name="Hi-Hat Open Tip 5" scorePitch="17"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="16" name="Hi-Hat Open Tip 4" scorePitch="16"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="15" name="Hi-Hat Open Tip 3" scorePitch="15"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="14" name="Hi-Hat Open Tip 2" scorePitch="14"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="13" name="Hi-Hat Open Tip 1" scorePitch="13"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="12" name="Hi-Hat Open Tip 0" scorePitch="12"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="11" name="Hi-Hat Closed Tip" scorePitch="11"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="10" name="Hi-Hat Pedal Closed" scorePitch="10"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="9" name="Hi-Hat Tip Trigger" scorePitch="9"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="8" name="Hi-Hat Tip Trigger" scorePitch="8"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="7" name="Hi-Hat Edge Trigger" scorePitch="7"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="6" name="Snare Zone Trigger" scorePitch="6"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="3" name="Tambourine Shake Hit Immediate" scorePitch="3"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="2" name="Shaker Shake Hit Immediate" scorePitch="2"/>

<Music.PitchName pitch="1" name="One Shot Hit" scorePitch="1"/>


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answered Jun 12 by qcmjerix (990 points)

I think you should use the PreSonus: Exchange site.