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Studio One Transport App for iOS

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asked Jun 22 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by marcotrosi (1,340 points)

Hello Team Presonus,
I know for iPad OS there is the Studio One Remote App with a fancy GUI. But I would be happy if for iOS we would have a Studio One Transport App, to only control the play, stop, rec, buttons etc. from our smart phones. Maybe also the recording activation buttons for each track, and maybe mute and solo, but that's it. No mixer, no tracks display, just plain simple transport control. This would help me to start the recording when sitting behind the drums when one doesn't have an iPad.

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answered Oct 21 by JohnEEADBL (150 points)
Bump. I agree. I'd love to be able to run some mic, audio- and video-monitor cables 50' from the noisy fan on this Intel Apple Mac 2018 (grrrr ... ;) and be able to start and stop playback and hit record and start and stop record, all by using my iPhone 13 Pro Max or one of my older smaller (13 is too big for my smallish neverless mannish hands).