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5 of 7 of my DM7 mics are inoperable. Bass and one tom/snare mic work fine.

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asked Oct 24, 2023 in MyPreSonus Questions by riotkiley (120 points)
The two overhead mics and three of the mounted mics are not working whatsoever. One is just fine, and the bass drum mic is as well. Those two are working excellent. I've tried using all the others through the same cable/channel, and I'm getting nothing. I'm not sure if they were disrupted during shipping or if it's some faulty sodering. If there's anything I can do to fix them myself I'd appreciate some guidance, or if I can send them back to be replaced I'd be happy to cover whatever cost. I bought them via Sweetwater a couple years ago but have just now been able to start using them. Just let me know what options I may have, cause I love your gear and don't want to have to discard them for no reason. Greatly appreciated.

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