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How do I record my Helix in Studio One 5 via S/PDIF?

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asked Feb 6 in Studio One 6 by robertdavis56 (130 points)
I have to move my Helix around quite a bit, so I would like to learn how to connect my Helix to my Studio USB 1824c via S/PDIF. I successfully got pass through audio by connecting Helix S/PDIF out to 1824c S/PDIF in, and changing clock to S/PDIF in the interface, and also changing Helix global settings to match the interface and DAW. So it will play through my monitors, but I cant get a track armed. Every time I got to add a stereo S/PDIF to the track its unmarks S/PDIF left and right. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I feel like I'm close to making this work though. Has anyone set up Helix like this in Studio One 5?

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