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How do I make S/PDIF work with Studio 24c / Studio One?

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asked Dec 26, 2020 in Studio One 4 by matthiaslissner (120 points)
Hi, and Merry Christmas :)

I have recently bought a Kemper Profiler amp which offers, among other options, S/PDIF as an In/Out. I also own a Studio 24c and now tried to record the Kemper via S/PDIF, using an RCA-adaptor to connect the cable to the input on the Studio 24C. However, I am not getting any signal in Studio One or via headphones if plugged into the interface. For comparison, if I choose a different output method on the amp (e.g. direct output), the signal does get processed in Studio One just fine.

Is there anything I am doing wrong with the physical setup (cable, adaptor, interface) or is the Studio 24c perhaps not able to process S/PDIF? I can still use another output method but would like to make sure before giving up.

Thanks for your help!

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answered Jan 24, 2021 by guymarquis (990 points)
Mmmm, as far as I know, the Studio 24c only provides analog audio I/Os. No AES or S/PDIF inputs/outputs.
Are you trying to connect your S/PDIF signals through a D/A converter first or directly into the unit?