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Requirements and video track in studio one profesional 6.6

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asked May 3 in Studio One 6 by fuldas (120 points)

I am thinkink of buying Studio one profesional 6.6. Before I will do it, I Have several questions:

1. Does studio one professional 6.6. have a video track? (I need to create and edit music for a video).

2. What are the functions of this video track?

3. What are the minimum system requirements for studio one 6.6 (including video requirements)? I use windows.

4. What is the best option for purchasing studio one 6.6. professional? I've seen versions of studio one + or studio one hybrid, but I admit I'm not very knowledgeable?

5. Is it possible to pay in installments with you? Even if I am from the Czech Republic?


Martin Šmoldas

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